I Didn't Plant This: Ways that God Creates New Life

 I didn’t plant this:

Outside our kitchen window, bordering our white pasture, Wisconsin fence are vines. Vines upon vines of pumpkins and gourds extending among the grass and weeds.

These vines are beginning to bloom and morph into centerpieces and porch adornment. Simple, natural, beautiful, home-grown fall decor.

But, I didn’t plant these.

I didn’t think ahead to what could be as last year, I tossed the Mennonite-greenhouse bought rotting, black, and mushy pumpkins and gourds over the white pasture fence.

Exactly like I couldn’t see what seeds were being planted in the season of my life that was rotten, black, dark, and forlorn.

I didn’t plant this life.

I didn’t create this vibrancy.

I didn’t make my own happiness nor secure my own joy, nor adorn my own beating heart with hope for the future and with a love like I’ve never known.

God did.

He could see past the pain. He could see past the depression. He could see past the poor choices. And He used that rotten pumpkin and gourd life to create beauty.

To redeem.

To restore.

To make new.

To adorn.

I didn’t plant this, but I know a good Creator and gardener of my life who did.

And He’s waiting to bring forth fall joy and full sufficiency, forgiveness, redemption, and love in your life, too.

Let Him use your brokenness.

Let Jesus into the rotting places of your life and let Him make you born again.

Let Him create something new.