The Value of Understanding Justification and Sanctification

Why every Christian needs to understand justification and sanctification

If you would have attempted to discuss justification and sanctification with me a handful of years ago, I would have politely listened and nodded. Because, honestly, I wasn’t quite sure what those two terms really meant.

I’ve been learning that the concepts and realities of ‘justification’ and ‘sanctification’ are of utmost importance in our lives as a Christian.

Justification and sanctification encompass not only what we believe, but explain, in an overarching manner, our beliefs and how we ought to live. So, hunker down with me for a bit, and let’s allow the Holy Spirit to boldly teach us.

Justification is not the end-all to the Christian life but, indeed, the permanent-stamped beginning.

Sanctification, then, is the never-ending life process that deepens the justified Christian’s relationship, love, desire, and knowledge of God.

Within a Biblical and reformed approach, this series of articles will have the following aims; to define and discuss justification and sanctification, explore in what ways these two concepts differ, how they are united, and prove that they are intimately entwined in God’s salvation plan for humanity and God’s desire for how we should live our life.

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