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If you desire to submit a blog article to be featured on Unaltered Grace, I'd love to hear from you! We always welcome encouraging words from people who are passionate about what they are writing for God's glory. If you desire to have your writing featured here, we'd love to open this space up for you, your heart, and your voice!

 See our Writer’s Guidelines below.

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Writers guidelines Christian Writers Collaborate


Writer’s Guidelines


First and foremost, thank you or your interest in writing for Unaltered Grace!


I am excited to be opening up this platform to guest article submissions, and I cannot wait to see how the Lord will use your words to reach others for Christ, as well as spur one another along in the Gospel.


The mission of Unaltered Grace is to biblically inspire, equip, and implore. I aim to do this through a Reformed Theological perspective. For more information on my personal beliefs, read “What I believe” here.


Topics that this ministry focuses on are:



-Spiritual Formation

-Walking by the Spirit

-Holy Spirit

-Gifts of the Spirit

-Bible Literacy




-Being a godly Wife


-Living for the Lord

-Awe or fear of the Lord


We look forward to reading your article and consider it a blessing to prayerfully choose if it fits our ministry.




Your article must be 800-1,200 words

Use ESV or CSB for Scripture references

Use in-text citations (John 3:16) or footnotes [1]

All articles must be written according to our Statement of Faith.

Fine Print

Our publishing agreement:

By submitting your article for potential publishing, you allow us the exclusive right to publish your article first on unalteredgrace.com. You also allow us host your article at unalteredgrace.com indefinitely. While you are free to re-publish the content elsewhere, we ask that you note that the article first appeared at unalteredgrace.com, and include a hyperlink. You represent and warrant that the content is your original work and that it is previously unpublished. We hold the right to edit, modify, and include our own images (if you’d like to submit original images to be considered in your article, by all means, please do!). We will send you the final draft prior to publishing.



Please email your full article as a Word Doc attachment to rachel@unalteredgrace.com Your article document should include a working title, subtitle, and your brief 4-6 sentence bio. Feel free to link to your personal blog, book, and/or social media accounts in your bio.

We will respond to your submission within 3 weeks.


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