Hey there!

I’m Rachel; behind the screen of Unaltered Grace. My life joyfully consists of being: Steve's wife (two and a half years and counting), Isaiah's momma, a pediatric intensive care nurse, and, most recently, a graduate student studying for a Master’s of Divinity (which is a real fancy name for Bible College). 


I smile incessantly, drink overly too much coffee (if there really is even such a thing), love being outdoors, staying active, exploring with my hubby, and being home.


I believe that God has a specific, strategic plan for every circumstance in our life and that He truly works all things out for the good of those who love Him. He orchestrates small occurrences each day that lead up to large happenings for His glory.  I want to share bits and pieces of the miraculous tapestry He has been weaving throughout my life in hopes that it will inspire you to discover and look deeper into how God is working through yours. 


Most importantly, I desire you all to know and experience- through the Holy Spirit- the deep, unaltered grace of our God and Lord Jesus Christ. If you could only see all the failures and shortcomings I’ve made, you’d understand why I’m so passionate about this grace that God lavishly lays upon us. It’s a grace that I cannot alter. No matter the circumstances, or the things that I often fail to do, God still chases after me and He certainly chases after you.


 Oh, I pray that through my experiences and writings, you will get just a taste of His goodness and grace! 


Because Jesus will truly alter your entire life.


 And I’m pretty pumped about that. 



In His Holy Name & unaltered grace,







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