Finding the Holy in the Ordinary | with Amanda Whiting

Amanda Whiting

Hey friends, welcome to Unaltered Grace Podcast. I’m your host, Rachel Lawrence. I’m so delighted you are here to listen in on my conversation with Amanda Whiting.

 Because I value you all so much, and because you- listener- are the reason why this podcast is even here in the first place- I wanted to start sharing your words and reviews. Here’s Sarah’s iTunes review; “These conversations have such a great balance of being easy to listen to, but also filled with deep, deep truth. It’s like church with a friend at a coffee shop.”

That’s my eager desire for us today, to be friends at a coffee shop talking deep, deep truths.

So you’ll know our guest a little better, Amanda is a wife, mom, writer, podcast host, Pastor, and has the prettiest and most inspirational Instagram feed you’ll ever run across. Amanda writes ever so eloquently about how to see the Holy in the Ordinary and how to notice God in everyday life. You all, as we speak on this topic, I’m praying that you will see God in everyday, ordinary moments and that He may be glorified all the more in your life.

Also, you are definitely missing out if you don’t enlighten yourself with more of Amanda’s beautiful words, photos, and life:

Amanda writes at: This Abundance

Podcasts: Holy Ordinary Collective (iTunes)

Instagram: @thisabundance


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