Gospel Mentoring | with Gretchen Ronnevik


Gretchen Ronnevik has an audible passion for Gospel Mentoring. In this episode, she will exude her delight as she discusses why this is vital for Churches and individuals. She shares about what “gospel mentoring” is, how to find a mentor, and how to be a mentor. I know you all will walk away from this conversation with a deep yearning for mentorship and mentoring.

“We need to remind ourselves that we are not the Savior. If we know the Lord, and if He has transformed our life, we just have to give that testimony; and that testimony is powerful. And that testimony encourages others.” -Gretchen

Gretchen Ronnevik:

In her words, Gretchen is a farmwife, mother and teacher to 6 hilarious children, writer, tutor, knitting designer and mentor. She is passionate about teaching women about their freedom and identity found in theology of the law and the gospel.

Find her writing here: gretchenronnevik.com

We referenced her article, “7 Myths of Gospel Mentoring”

Gospel Mentoring Course

Gospel Mentoring: “What if it didn’t look like a program, but it looked like a church culture. What if it was just what people did.  What if individuals, moved by the Holy Spirit, just started taking steps to influence and support the next generation.” -Gretchen

Find her course here or at gospelmentoring.com

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