Intuitive and Grace-Filled Eating with Aubrey Golbek

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On this episode, I get the privilege to talk with Aubrey Golbek, a Registered Dietician. We will learn about God’s Unaltered Grace that He can give us through food and through eating habits. Aubrey speaks about intuitive eating, and really, just grace-filled eating. I learned so much from this episode, and I kind of walked away sort of paradoxically being okay with eating chocolate chips and Cheetos, but really also having a strong desire to glorify God in my eating habits and to take care of my body well for His glory. This conversation is so much more than dieting or more than just intuitive eating. Aubrey speaks the truth over us today! I pray this conversation blesses you as it did me!

Aubrey’s Ministry, Grace Fueled Nutrition, and Dietician/Nutrition Services can be found at:

Aubrey can also be found on instagram @gracefueled_rd

Aubrey references the book, “Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program that Works” by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. (BONUS: Aubrey and I have teamed up to giveaway one copy of this book and a 30 minute phone consultation with Aubrey, herself. Details can be found on instagram @unalteredgracepodcaston how to enter! Giveaway open until July 20th, 2018)

Aubrey enjoys reading the ESV Bibleand The Passion Translation Bible for more insight. 

Aubrey and I chat about Mo Isom briefly at the end and I reference her testimony that can be found here.

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A few noteworthy quotes: 

“An idol in that we are making food more powerful than God for health, and we are trusting it more than God for health.” 

 “We have so many idols, and I just think an idol is anything that we go to instead of God for comfort, for healing, for anything. Because we know that God is faithful to do any of those things for us and yet we still keep him in a box like, ‘I’ll go to God when I have no other option.’ It’s funny because we are like ‘God always steps in at the last minute’ and I think He does that because that’s when we let Him in.”

“To know that you are wholly loved and accepted as you are right now by God no matter what other people think of you, no matter how you’re perceived by somebody else. That you are not going to be loved any more by God, He can’t love you any more and He can’t love you any less. He already loves you so much.”

 "That’s it. Really it’s getting into God’s Word and finding out who you are in Christ frees you up to believe good things about yourself. To believe, really, that Christ lives in you and that you are made new right now. Yes, He is renewing our mind over our lifetime, but God sees you as Christ right now if you believe in Christ- He sees you as that right now and that frees you up to not have to seek out all the love from everyone else. I encourage people to get into the Word and use scripture as positive affirmations to remind themselves of who they are."

 “What I do is that I share freedom and truth from a nutritional standpoint” 

“Ditching the mindset that our diet is going to lead to happiness” 

“When we focus on what we shouldn’t do or what we can’t have, sin enters in and it wants us to do exactly what we aren’t supposed to do or what we can’t have. While eating is not sinful, I draw that similarity between the two because anytime we are focusing on what we can’t have, we go to that party and we have the “thing” or we don’t have the “thing” and we are thinking about it the entire time.” 

 “You have your own convictions, and that’s in between you and God and you can eat whatever you feel works best for your body and whatever makes you feel good. But I will say that the biggest freedom I’ve found is just in removing all restrictions as looking at it as my individual preferences, my individual tastes, and what makes my body feel good.” 


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