Just Pray | Practical Prayer Tips with Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller

Have you ever felt “stuck” in prayer? Have you ever lacked a desire to go and pray? Well, friend, you are in good company. Today, Lisa and I chat about the importance of prayer and how to overcome these feelings through God’s Word and through coming to have conversations with Him, God, the creator of the Universe- who longs to hear from us. I loved Lisa’s practical tips on prayer. I found it so refreshing that she said that her ministry and her passion for prayer has grown out of a weakness- isn’t that just like God? Lisa is representing her Ministry, Backgate Prayers. You’ll hear how this ministry came about and you’ll grow to love Lisa, Rae-Lynn and Kristen’s story just as much as I do.

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The Resources that Lisa and I Mentioned are:  

Jenny Wahlströms’ Songs:

A Treehouse Wait- Faith

Come All You Thirsty- A Treehouse Wait

A Long Obedience in the Same Direction: Discipleship in and Instant Society by Eugene H. Patterson-

 Mom's in Prayer

Bible Study Fellowship

Praying the Bible by Donald S. Whitney  


Backgate Prayers Shop


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