Let's Talk about Anxiety | with Mindy Larsen


This episode I am talking to Mindy Larsen about all things anxiety. This topic is so close to my heart, in all the wrong ways. As anxiety is something that Mindy and I both are familiar with, we discuss how we, personally, remember to combat it with God’s Word. We also answer questions like: What would you say to encourage those of us who have struggled with this? What advice/insight can you give someone who doesn’t personally struggle with anxiety, but who has loved ones who do? How can they help their loved one? Mindy and I are praying that this conversation truly empowers you to lean into God and trust that what He says about you is true.


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Mindy Larsen is a writer living in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  She loves donuts, the power of Scripture to combat anxiety, and cuddling on the couch with her husband Chris, and their cat, Finn.  Mindy writes to encourage others with words that point towards Jesus.  You can find her writing in Grit & Virtue, (in)courage and Thryve Magazine, as well as on her personal blog – www.loveminblog.com 

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10 Scripture Cards to Combat Anxiety  


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