Memorizing Scripture and Storing Up God's Word in Your Heart | with Savannah Schallen


In this episode, we will glean practical tips about how to memorize verses of the Bible. We will also discuss the vast importance of storing up God’s Word in our hearts. Savannah reflects, “The truths in Scripture help remind me that my reality isn’t defined by my feelings. Our reality is told to us in the pages of God’s Word. That has been really important for me to cling to. It is still so easy for me to forget these truths. Even after being a Christian for years and years, it’s so easy to forget. And that’s not an accident, the Enemy wants us to forget these things.” Let’s walk away from this episode with our notecards in hand and our hearts and minds armed and ready to memorize God’s great Word!



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You can connect with Savannah on instagram here. & Savannah’s Glory Tradition Shop here.

In her shop, she offers the Psalm 23 Scripture Cards, and her brand-new set of Scripture cards which we discuss for purchasing. She also makes custom tapestry, and has oodles of Scripture-infused items.

Here’s an excerpt about Savannah’s heart for the Psalm 23 Scripture Cards: “It continues to fill me with so much joy because I look at them (the Psalm 23 Prayer cards) and I just know that God’s hands are so clearly all over them. I almost gave up because I couldn’t get them how I wanted them. And then when I gave them to the Lord, He answered my prayer that same day.”


Savannah references her College's Westmont Chapel Worship Band and how their song of Psalm 23 helped lay a foundation in her life. You all, it is jaw-dropping inspiring! Take a listen here

(& bonus- this rendition of Psalm 23 popped up on youtube for me next and it is equally anointed. And mean, Hallelujah LORD! Must listen, you guys!)

Lastly, the lullaby CD that I spoke about (Hidden in my Heart) can be found here. Isaiah listens to it every night as he goes to bed, and it ministers to my heart beyond words!

Let's leave reflecting on God's Word:

Colossians 3:16

Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you,

with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another

with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,

singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.



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