Prayer, Action, and Total Dependence on God | with Valerie Woerner


Total dependence on God is the overlying topic of this chat with Valerie Woerner. Valerie walks us through how prayer and action can drastically change our life as we daily submit to God and grow in total dependence on Him. Valerie is the founder of Val Marie Paper, is a wife, mom, and Christian author. Her passion for prayer coupled with action will shine through our conversation today.



About Valerie:

Valerie is the Founder of Val Marie Paper

Author of:

The Finishing School: How One Book Nerd Began Living What She Learned

Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday: Say Goodbye to Stressed, Tired, and Anxious, and Say Hello to Renewed Joy in Motherhood

Fresh Start for Moms: A 31-Day Devotional to Renew Your Joy

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Jesus didn’t just die for us to go to heaven, He died for us to experience life on earth with Him, too.

We know that salvation is the ultimate gift from the cross, but we get to live with Him every day; and most of us are not enjoying it, we are not living it out like that… we are missing out on a lot that He has and we don’t realize how much of a gift the cross was- even beyond salvation.

Holiness does not make the way for salvation, but salvation makes the way for holiness.

It is through salvation that we can live these lives out.

Know that we are not talking about doing anything because we are trying to gain anything, but just know that, because of this, I can live like this. It’s not a have to, it’s a get to.

So many times we think that we have a better plan than God… you would never say these things aloud, but this is the subconscious. If we are not seeking God through His Word, if we are just living every day as if we don’t need Him, then that tells God that we think we don’t need Him.

Pair prayer and action together and don’t assume that one is going to do everything; we have to balance the tension of that.

God can do whatever He wants; He is the God of miracles- but He also chooses to use us.

I think we can see the miracle as God doing everything, and we forget that part of the miracle can be how God works through us and uses us. God gets the glory!

The hope is that when we do things, we don’t point to ourselves, but that we give God the glory.

If we are doing the hard work and giving God the glory, He is still getting the glory.

We have to start the day with knowing that we are fully dependent on God, and that we have no strength. Any day that we start the day thinking, “I have this on my own,” we will not pray. In those seasons where you feel like, “I absolutely cannot do this,” we are going to come to prayer more. That is when God meets us and reminds us that we are fully dependent on Him.

If we can know that- even on our best days- know that we are fully dependent on God. We would pray and be fully surrendered, knowing that “I might be pretty amazing today, but God is like a thousand times more amazing- infinitely.” To know that, we have to know the Word. We have to know our Bibles. We have to read it like we want to know God. With a mindset that we are not just trying to get through this chapter- but we have to read it with eyes that are looking for God’s character, and with wanting to know Him. The more we see facets of His character and attributes of who He is, we are going to be reminded daily.

Three reasons to pray:  

1.     God Says so. If that was the only reason He gave, it would be a good enough reason

2.     Prayer does change things

3.     God doesn’t have lofty expectations of prayer that we might think He has

If you know that you can go to God in whatever form or fashion and pour out your heart to Him and start talking, you don’t have to be afraid of coming to Him in the wrong way. We talk a lot about different methods and different things, and these are all good as you start to grow, but it shouldn’t stop you from starting. That’s exactly where the Devil wants us. He wants us to be so overwhelmed with the words we are trying to say that we forget who we are actually talking to.

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