Remaining Freshly Planted in Jesus | Jasmine Allred

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In this episode, we will be Biblically inspired, equipped, and implored to remain freshly planted in Jesus and in God's Word. We will hear from Jasmine Allred in how she practically remains freshly planted in Jesus and what being "freshly planted" means.

You can find more of Jasmine on instagram @jasmine.allred or her and her husband's online ministry, Freshly Planted

We reference a myriad of Bible passages, including: Psalms 1, Matthew 13, James 1, Deuteronomy 10:12, Psalms 119:71.

Jasmine mentions one of her favorite resources right now to be her friend's new book, Kinzia Marie's "Empower You, Daily Devotionals to Kick Start Your Journey"

Jasmine also shares a free ebook on her website called "Freshly Planted: You Year for New Beginnings" I would encourage you all to check it out!

Lastly, Jasmine’s interview that we referenced in the show from Real Marriage Real Talk can be found here-

Real Marriage Real Talk Interview

She shares about her testimony and her heart’s cry for her husband to come to know Jesus; which he ultimately did!

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