Sabbath Rest for Today's World | with Halie Ramsey


On today's episode, Halie and I talk about the struggles of practicing Sabbath and how countercultural it is. Sabbath is against what the world values, but we will discuss how God values- and how He has graciously created- rest. We will learn how we can walk in this rest and in light of the gospel as we fix our minds on who Jesus is and learn how He came to give us rest.

Halie Ramsey is a freelance writer living in Colorado with her husband. Halie writes at and is active on Instagram @halie_ramsey

Halie's Sabbaths look like: "I usually spend them with Alexander going to church, to a farmers market + to a local coffee shop/go for a hike/relax the rest of the afternoon!"


Halie R

Resources Recommended:

Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal and Delight in Our Busy Lives- book by Wayne Mueller

The Songs of Jesus- Devotional by Tim and Cathy Keller


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