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Simple Discipleship

It has been a joy to talk with Caroline Saunders about discipleship! In this episode, we will discuss Jesus’ perfect example of discipleship and how He based it on three vital aspects. Of note, Caroline exhorts, “Discipleship is up-close ministry. In those up-close places, that is where change really happens.” If you need a practical kick to go out and make disciples, stay tuned to the gems that Caroline gives us in this chat.

Also, Caroline is so graciously giving away two copies of her Simple Discipleship Binder over on instagram @unalteredgracepodcast -this resource is practical, vivid, and chock-full of tips and resources to go out and fulfill the Great Commission.


More about Caroline Saunders

Website: writercaroline.com

Story & Soul Women’s Weekend Retreat

Same Here, Sisterfriend (book Caroline contributed to)

Instagram: @writercaroline

Simple Discipleship Binder - The resource we reference in the episode; again, Caroline is giving away two of these on instagram- don’t miss out! @unalteredgracepodcast

Caroline references Jen Wilkin’s book, Women of the Word.

Caroline also points to The Bible Project as being helpful for Bible Study context.

Simple Discipleship

Some Noteworthy Quotes:

Discipleship is up-close ministry. In those up-close places, that is where change really happens.

I find that the moments of most significant growth- at least in my life- have really been in up-close ministry.

I’m passionate about discipleship because we are all called to it. We are not all called to speak on a stage, necessarily, we are not all called to lead in these big ways, but we can all do the most impactful thing: which is the up-close ministry of discipleship.

When I look at Jesus’ example, I think that discipleship is based on three things: 1.) relationship 2.) education 3.) obedience.

Education is important because we have to know what God’s Word says if we have any hope to walking in obedience to its commands.

In the past, I haven’t kept God’s Word in the forefront. So, I’d reflect on that relationship and think, I always tried to give out biblical wisdom, but I failed to show these girls how to seek out biblical wisdom for themselves. So now, I don’t just reference Scripture when I disciple somebody, but I also offer them education for how to navigate scripture and how to interpret scripture. So previously I was handing out fish, but now I’m teaching people how to fish.

Jesus is the only perfect one. Jesus is the savior. Sometimes, we can come to a discipleship relationship thinking we are the perfect ones, and thinking that we need to save. But the Bible tells us completely opposite of that.

If there is a women further along than you, ask them if they would disciple you.

Pay attention: who is a couple steps ahead of me who could disciple me? And then, who is a couple steps behind me who I can be like, “Hey, I don’t know everything, but I know a couple things and I would love to meet with you and share with you what God has taught me, and learn about you and what God is doing in your life.”


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