Stewarding Finances Well | with Alexis Busetti

Christian Finance Tips

Alexis, who is a Personal Finance Coach, shares her passion with us on how to steward finances well. She offers biblical wisdom and practical advice on all things financial freedom. Alexis will share some personal stories on how God has been faithful to her in all seasons of life. She also will encourage us to become intentional with our finances and to use them for God’s glory!

About Alexis

Alexis Busetti is a Personal Finance Coach in Houston, TX.  Her biggest passion is to help people build financial plans that will unleash their generous spirits. She wants to see everyone do well for themselves, so that in turn they can do good for others! Alexis and her husband Seth spent the first 7 years of their marriage as starving students and paying off debts. During that time, they worked diligently to learn how to handle money (even though they didn't have much of it).  After graduate school, her husband took a corporate position and Alexis quit her job as a social worker to stay home with their babies.  Now, they have four kids, two dogs, and are living out their dreams to give, save, spend, and invest using all they've learned.  Alexis loves to spend time coaching people on how to do the same! 

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Stewarding Finances Well

Noteworthy Quotes

Money is something we deal with every day.


We have to deal with this every single day, let’s not make it something that is horrible, or something that is really really hard.


There is so much power in the Gospel. The Gospel is God’s love poured out on us.


The first thing is; I think that God is very generous. Part of what He wants us to do is be more like Him.


He also uses physical things to teach us about the spiritual things.


Matthew- where our treasure is, there our heart will follow--- Jesus is saying that where our treasure is, there our heart will follow. So when we are good stewards, and when we put our money in the places that God wants us to put our money, then our heart will follow our money. It’s a crazy thing, but it’s a spiritual truth. If we are pouring all of our money into our American Express, or our Visa, or the Financial department at the car dealership, that’s where our heart will be. But if we can pour our money into our own families, being generous at Church, and with people who are close to God’s heart, then our heart will follow.


That’s where we see God’s heart and our stewardship connecting with the Gospel.


As Christians, we are called to live in a healthy relationship with money.


Money is amoral; it’s not good or bad in and of itself, but how we relate to it is a different story. It all starts with having a healthy relationship with money.


People have other parts of their life together, and God will call them out about their relationship with money; the rich young ruler.


Recognize what your values are: those are going to steer how you deal with money.

We are made in God’s image. And He is a giver. He’s a worker. He’s a rester. He’s a lover. We are made in His image.


God honors His Word. He is true to His Word.


We can look at money in a lot of different ways. We can use our money, in a lot of ways, as acts of worship.

My desire is to empower you and to encourage you in the things you are doing well; to give you hope.


I have to keep a conversation going with God throughout my day. It’s not that I’m super spiritual; it’s that I’m super desperate.


Alexis’ Favorite Resources:

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            -Stephanie Gretzinger

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            -“I am No Victim” by Kristene DiMarco



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