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Sarah is a mom, a wife to her husband Josh, a writer, and the host of Heart Lessons Podcast. On this episode, Sarah will exhort us in teaching our children “heart lessons” and how to teach children of various ages about Jesus. Sarah gives practical tips and resources to spur us on in our own parenting journeys.

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Noteworthy Quotes

Summer of 2012 pregnant with second child, we learned at 20 week ultrasound, that our baby girl wouldn’t live long after born. I feel like that was for sure a turning point in my faith; where everything that I had ever said I believed about Jesus or thought about Him, I had to decide if I really believed it. My faith turned from an easy dependence to desperation. I had to cling to God’s promises just to survive, honestly. That was really the place I was in. It was difficult.


I’m grateful to say that everything that God says He is, He really is. And that really sustained me during that time, and during another loss.


Heart Lessons to children

“Heart lessons” = the leadings and the promptings of the Holy Spirit in your heart that guide you along the path of righteousness, and also along the story that God has for you. These promptings that guide you in the right way.


As parents, it is very important for us to teach us to our children.


Any wisdom that God gives us ultimately makes us better people.


As Christian parents, we are raising little ambassadors for Jesus. So everywhere we go, we want them to shine the light of Christ. We want to teach them how to do that. We want to teach them to live rightly before God. We want them to treat others with kindness and love and carry the name of Jesus wherever they go. So when we teach them these heart lessons, that is exactly what we are doing.


Kids are sinners, we are all born sinners.


Whatever you are teaching your children, make sure you live that out.


Make sure you are in a Bible-believing church so that your children can have other people teaching them and pouring into them.


And also, we need that support form Church as parents, as well.




Everyonw listening who is a parent is an imperfect parent.


It is important when I am too harsh with my children, when I lose self control, whatever the case may be, to say, “I’m really sorry, I hope you can forgive me, I shouldn’t have acted that way.”


This is why we need Jesus. He came because Mommy is a sinner.

Don’t think that if you have skipped a few nights or weeks or months or Bible story, that your kid is not going to love Jesus. God is bigger than that and He understands your limits.


Living a life that shows a relationship with Jesus where you are.


James 1:5- If we ask God for guidance, He promises to provide it. If we ask God for wisdom, He promises to give it.


Be a good steward of your kid’s hearts.


Listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your own life, and knowing your child. When those two meet, that is a really good recipe for guiding a solid spiritual life in your children.


Live Practically for the Lord day in and day out:

“A tangible dying to self each day.”

Sarah Rieke Heart Lessons for Children


Resources Sarah Loves:


Unwrapping the Names of Jesus- book by Asheritah Ciuciu


Journeywomen Podcast


Annie F. Down’s Podcast: That Sounds Fun


Just simply reading the Bible

Bible Resources for Children:


Risen Motherhood- inductive Bible study


Bible Project


Jesus Bible Storybook


Kids Read Truth- Bible study book


Parent Cue


Jelly Telly- Christian Netflix for kids

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