The Value of Discipleship | Part One with Dr. Robert Carpenter

Dr. Carpenter

Today will be the first of a two-part conversation about Discipleship with Dr. Robert Carpenter. I became connected to Dr. Carpenter through my studies at Regent University as he was one of my Seminary Professors in a Biblical Discipleship course over the summer. Dr. Carpenter, therefore, teaches about our call as Christians to “go out and make disciples.” He will exhort and encourage us with biblical truth! Dr. Carpenter shares his powerful testimony with us and about key people in his life who disciple him to grow into the man of God that he is today. Some questions we will cover are: What is discipleship? Why should discipleship be important to us as Christians? And What are some practical ways that we can cultivate a life of being and making disciples?

You all, it has been such a joy to talk more with Dr. Carpenter about discipleship. I am beyond encouraged by his testimony and by God’s work in and throughout his life and ministry. Dr. Carpenter had so much wisdom to share that we will continue the conversation on the next episode. You can find that now wherever you are listening to this episode. In our second half, we will hear about more stories of God’s faithfulness, and will also continue the discussion of discipleship.

So you can know him a little better, here is what Dr. Robert Carpenter shares with us:

“During the past 25-years, I have served as the senior pastor of four congregations, respectively.  I have also been blessed to serve as a United States Navy and Marine Corps chaplain since 1990.  I am currently on active duty as the director of religious affairs for the Combined Joint Task Force- Horn of Africa located in Djibouti, which is just north of the Somalia border in East Africa.  I completed my recent pastorate this past February just a week before reporting for my military assignment.  My orders will conclude in April 2019, so I have less than a year remaining until I return to the United States.  

I was born and raised in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach areas, and currently, my wife, Suzanne and I reside in Chesapeake.  Prior to accepting the call to full-time ministry in 1987, I worked for Chick-fil-A, Inc., which is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  Even 31-years later, I truly thank God for my time with Chick-fil-A and the founder, Mr. S. Truett Cathy and the Cathy family, as I believe they offered me a great foundation for future ministry and service.”

Some Noteworthy Quotes:

“God, through Christ, the God of all comfort- comforts us in all- not some, not half- all of our struggles. So that we are able to comfort those who are in trouble. How do we do that? How does God do that? In the discipleship process, we come alongside others and we share the comfort that we, ourselves, have received from God. A big part of discipleship is walking with people where they are and meeting them, being with people in the midst of their struggle, in the midst of their doubts, in the midst of their pain and just being there with them.”

“As God called Moses, out of the burning bush, He calls us all as Christians to be salt and light in this world. He calls some to ministry- to full time ministry- but others, He calls- as in every Christian- He calls us, men and women, boys and girls, to go in the power of the Holy Spirit- under the authority of God’s Holy Spirit. And when we do that, He uses His spoken Word to reach other’s lives.”

“God’s Word speaks. God’s Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths. When we share God’s truth, lives are changed because they are encountering the truth that will set them free.”


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