The Value of Discipleship | Part Two with Dr. Robert Carpenter

Dr. Robert Carpenter

Welcome to the second part of our conversation about the value of discipleship with Dr. Robert Carpenter. In case you missed the first episode, which I encourage you to go and listen to, Dr. Carpenter is talking with us all the way from East Africa- as he is currently on active duty as the Director of Religious Affairs for the Combined Joint Task Force- Horn of Africa located in Djibouti, which is just north of the Somalia border in East Africa. I had the privilege this summer to be taught by him through Regent University in my Seminary studies. Dr. Carpenter shares his powerful testimony with us in the first episode, and we continue to reflect on how great God is to equip those that He calls. We will also discuss more about how discipleship was vital in Dr. Carpenter’s obedience to follow God’s call on his life. If you haven’t noticed already, Dr. Carpenter has the gift of exhortation and encouragement. I’m praying that you will feel encouraged by our conversation today!


Some Noteworthy Quotes:

“When we go about sharing the grace of God, the love of God, the mercy of God, and as we go about evangelism and discipleship: teaching and preaching- the joy of the Holy Spirit, the joy of the Lord- it is possible for it to be full.”

“Anytime that we share God’s Word and God’s truth, when we pray for each other, we will see God’s faithfulness decades and decades later, because His Word never returns void.”

“God places us in each other’s lives; sometimes for a long time and sometimes for a short time. Whenever we share God’s truth and when we pray for each other, the impact is eternal.”

“How God would weave those people into my life at such strategic times to help me and to encourage me; and that is discipleship.”

“What God’s Word proclaims to us: I am always with you. He will never leave nor forsake you.”

Dr. Robert Carpenter

How I live practically for the Lord day in and day out:

“I pray, I ask God to give me wisdom, I ask God to use me, to speak through me as I meet with people. As I talk with people, I ask that God will give me discernment to know if those people need to talk, or need to pray.”

Resources that are helping to cultivate my heart for God:

Dr. David Jeremiah

Dr. Charles Stanley

Chuck Swindoll

Dr. Billy Graham

John MacArthur Commentaries

At the Feet of Jesus: A Safe Place in the Disquiet of Life- Brian Shipman

Resources that pull me to Scripture are my favorite.

The area that God has lavished His Unaltered Grace upon my life again and again:

“The emotion that I feel deep within of God’s unaltered grace lavished within is that he would call someone like me to preach and teach His Word.

When I think about the area in life that God lavishes His unaltered Grace upon me again and again is in His absolute faithfulness to honor His Word and His promises. When I am weak, then I am strong.”


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