Walking and Pursuing Jesus in Everyday Life with Amy Hornbuckle

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We acknowledge that walking with Jesus can feel like more of a pursuit than an 'easy' walk. On today's episode, I will chat with Amy Hornbuckle about how we, as Christians, are called to walk out our faith in our everyday lives. We will share about some personal struggles in doing this, and about how community with other believers can help teach us how to walk like Jesus did. We will hear Amy talk about the importance of spiritual disciplines (prayer, Bible reading, etc.) and how to practically begin and sustain those in our lives. It was such a joy to speak with Amy about this and I came away from this conversation feeling refreshed to "lace up my shoes" so to speak- and wholeheartedly follow Jesus!

Amy mentioned that her favorite resource is The Daily Grace Co's Planner. You can find that here.

To connect with Amy Hornbuckle and her ministry, you can follow her on instagram or go to the website, Take A Walk Ministry

Rediscover Your Spiritual Strength Devotional

Take a Walk Ministry recently launched a  three-week devotional, and I was honored to be able to share a snippet of my testimony in how the blood of Jesus strengthens me. You can find more information about that resource here:  "Rediscover Your Spiritual Strength"


Inspiring Quotes from the Episode:


I always lean on prayer as my step one. That is what brings Jesus into my life and a way that I’m truly vulnerable with Him.

Prayer doesn’t have to be a formal thing. Talking to Him like He’s your best friend sitting across the table from you drinking coffee. Look at Him as your best friend, He wants to do life with us.

The reality of being intimidated by prayer. Going to the Psalms is always a great thing. The beauty of crying

Go to God and say, “Hey God, what’s up- this is what I’m feeling. Here’s my heart. I know this is your promise. I know this is your truth but this is how I’m feeling and I need you to meet me here.” Talking to Him as if He’s my best friend.

I slowly began to learn that I didn’t need to give God a resume, He just wanted me.

I didn’t know how to know God. (She points to the Church community and discipleship as a way to learn more about Jesus)

I would say to someone: First and foremost: you are so incredibly loved by God. You are forgiven form your past. There is no judgment, and only grace. But that grace is so much more powerful when you fully understand it and when you understand that saving. I challenge you to get to know Jesus as that next step. To get to know Him and His Word. Immerse yourself in a community. Find someone who will study scripture with you and walk through the gospel.

This walk is not a solo one. Yes, God is right there, but also the community is there. With all the believers who are around you, you can go to your community and say, ‘hey, I don’t get it, and I need help.’


God loves our obedience.

Even when you don’t feel like reading the Bible, God desires you to. You might not get something out of it right at that moment, or feel like you have gotten anything out of that moment, but God will so use it. God will use His word in our life.

God makes you have a hunger for His Word. God will build your hunger for His Word as you are enriched in it.

The enemy of our souls doesn’t want us to do any spiritual disciplines.

We know that God is all-powerful, and God is all-present everywhere and all-knowing. So God knows deeper than we do what is going on in our life. He can see all of the places where He is working in our life and He desires for us to acknowledge Him in our life. Which- if you look at it that way- why wouldn’t we talk to God all the time?

We are not going to be perfect. It is that walking with the Lord before we can run with God.

I don’t know if we are ever going to feel content in our relationship with the Lord- and I think that’s a good thing. What I’m trying to say here is that: we need to know that the process of sanctification- becoming more like God and becoming holy- is a life-long process. You know, God is so sweet in making it a life-long process.


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