Intuitive and Grace-Filled Eating with Aubrey Golbek

On this episode, I get the privilege to talk with Aubrey Golbek, a Registered Dietician. We will learn about God’s Unaltered Grace that He can give us through food and through eating habits. Aubrey speaks about intuitive eating, and really, just grace-filled eating. I learned so much from this episode, and I kind of walked away sort of paradoxically being okay with eating chocolate chips and Cheetos, but really also having a strong desire to glorify God in my eating habits and to take care of my body well for His glory. This conversation is so much more than dieting or more than just intuitive eating. Aubrey speaks the truth over us today! I pray this conversation blesses you as it did me!

Community, Hospitality, and Loneliness with Bethany Barendregt

In this episode, I chat with Bethany Barendregt: wife, momma, and founder of Women Encouraged. She shares so many practical tips on how to be more hospitable, on how hospitality has looked within the different seasons of her life,  and she really highlights the importance of community. We both share about the many times we have desired greater community within the body of Christ and the ways that we have experienced this community. Bethany also talks about the topic of loneliness and she discusses how to cling to Christ in seasons of loneliness. You guys, she shares so much godly wisdom about a myriad of topics. I am thrilled to pass on the wealth of knowledge!